Pursuant to Federal Law dd 12.04.2010 No. 61-ФЗ "On Circulation of Medicines”, all medicines being in circulation in the Russian Federation, shall be subject to efficacy and safety monitoring in order to identify possible negative consequences of their use, individual intolerance, inform health professionals, patients and for the purpose of their protection against the use of such medicines.

OOO KardioSistemFarma pursuant to Federal Law dd 12.04.2010 No. 61-ФЗ "On Circulation of Medicines" is receiving, recording, processing, analyzing and keeping all the adverse event reports under use of all medicines of OOO KardioSistemFarma.

If you have any adverse reactions under use of the medicines of OOO KardioSistemFarma, please notify us by telephone + 7-495-925-30-74 or send the information to the e-mail address: amam@chemrar.ru

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