On June 10–17, 2019, a delegation of leading cardiac surgeons from China officially visited Russia at CardioSystemPharma’s invitation for scientific exchange and establishment of the Russian–Chinese international expert research center for cardiac surgery. The delegation included representatives of the Beijing Cardiac Surgery Center Fuwai, the First Hospital at the University of Zhengzhou, and the Seventh People’s Hospital of Zhengzhou.

Nikolay Merkin, CEO at CardioSystemPharma, Valentin Volgushev, M.D., developer of Normacor®, a cardiovascular surgeon, and the Chinese delegation of leading cardiac surgeons.

First of all, the cardiac surgeons visited ChemRar High Tech Center where they met the team of the Normacor® cardioplegic solution developers and discussed the opportunities for cooperation, stuff training, and joint research.

The Chinese partners also visited several leading cardiac surgery centers in Moscow. For example, Professor S. Y. Kambarov, M.D., Head of the Cardiac Surgery Department at Sklifosovsky Research Institute for Emergency Medicine, showed a series of long-term cardiac surgeries in patients using a single injection of Normacor®.

Professor A. G. Yavorsky, M.D. and Director of the Anesthesiology, Cardiac Anesthesiology, and Intensive Care Clinic at the I. M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University, and Professor A. N. Luschuk, M.D. and Head of the Cardiac Surgery Center at the A. A. Vishnevsky Military Clinic Hospital of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, demonstrated the advantages of Normacor® compared to all currently known cardioplegia technologies.

Professor S. Y. Kambarov, M.D. and Head of the Cardiac Surgery Department at the Sklifosovsky Research Institute for Emergency Medicine, conducts a long-term cardiac surgery in a patient using a single injection of Normacor®.

At the end of the the visit, Professor Huang Jie, Chief Physician at the world’s largest Cardiac Surgery Center Fuwai (Fuwai conducts about 15,000 cardiac surgeries yearly using cardioplegia and cardiopulmonary bypass), and the heads of the largest cardiac surgery centers in China declared their interest in widespread implementation of the drug and the plans to drive transition of Chinese cardiac surgeons to the innovative technology Normacor®.

CardioSystemPharma company has developed and introduced to the Russian market the new cardioplegic drug Normacor for open-heart surgery at normal body temperature.

Normacor® is the first registered drug for normothermic cardioplegia. The drug has successfully passed clinical trials on efficacy and safety, and is now used in routine clinical practice in Russia.  The drug composition is patented in Russia and the European Union.

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